Founders Day 2018

My name is Brandon Rhodes and I am one of the fundraising directors and an active member of Phi Chi Theta. On Saturday February 24th, we held our annual Founder’s Day event where all our successful alumni came back to the university for a professional brunch and to network with our current active members. The event was a success by having old alum Trevor Skove speak to our chapter by giving professional advice about college, classes, networking, friendships, and obtaining internships. As fundraising director, I had the alumni and active members participate in a fundraising event where we had a silent auction raffling off different gift baskets to help the fraternity. Following that, we showed a video that featured all the alumni and the memories they made through their years in Phi Chi Theta. After the brunch, we had the opportunity to network with any alumni that were present. I had the opportunity to talk to past Phi Chi Theta president Nick Coon. Nick discussed how amazing his experience has been working for JPMorgan as an analyst, and how it has shaped him into a better business professional. He also talked to me about how Chicago is a great place for graduating college students to start working in, since it has many job/career opportunities. I also got to talk to Shanna Fasano who also works in Chicago. Shanna works in recruiting and is an associate consultant for Michael Page. Recruiting is an area of work I want to go in and the career path I want to pursue, which is why Shanna was a great person to talk to and get advice from. I am glad I had the opportunity to network with her and obtain her contact information so that I can keep in tough with her and have her for guidance when it comes to finding jobs in the next year and a half. In general, this event had a huge turn out and was a great success. I am thankful for the experiences I had, and can not wait to have one last Founder’s Day next year!

Left to right: Johnny Lane, Tanner Cook, Michael Spohr, Molly Kelsey, Shanna Fasano 

Left to right: Johnny Lane, Tanner Cook, Michael Spohr, Molly Kelsey, Shanna Fasano 



Rush PCT!

The fall rush had four different events, all throughout rush there was a strong potential of future candidates. The speed dating event and cook out were the two events that we had a chance to get to know them better and have a fun time with them. We look to choose a great pledge class every year, one which provides opportunity and future tradition for our organization. I think we can all agree that pledging semester is one of the best semesters that you will have at Ohio University, so many memories are made and it is a great experience all around. As a pledge, you gain so many connections and make so many new friends. This year we are excited to host another pledge class that has a lot to provide. This pledge class is a distinct group of students that will fit in perfectly and should all be ready for a great semester. All the actives are eager to teach them the ways of the fraternity both socially and professionally.



We are the "Masters of Professionalism"

The beginning of a new school year is a very exciting time on Ohio University’s campus. Freshman students are learning their way around the bricks, while seniors are taking in everything about their last fall semester in Athens. It is an especially exciting time for the College of Busiess, as with the beginning of the fall semester comes Business Fraternity Tri-Rush. With the loss of a huge senior class, Phi Chi Theta was excited and ready to take on the newest batch of young professionals to help further their skill set and add them to our family.

The first two nights of Tri-Rush is combined with the other two business fraternities, Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi. We come together, along with speakers from the College of Business, to explain the importance of business fraternities to potential pledges. It is a great opportunity for all three business fraternity members to represent the College of Business and show that there is a sense of unity between all three organizations.

After the first two nights of Tri-Rush, each business fraternity hosts their own rush events. Phi Chi Theta’s theme this semester was, “Masters of Professionalism.” This theme represents all of the opportunities that are available to you once you are an active member.

The first PCT rush event was many active members’ favorite: speed dating. This is a chance for both actives and rushees alike to get to know each other on a more personal level. The next night was our first ever grill out, which turned out to be a huge success! Actives and rushees got the opportunity to enjoy some fresh grilled hot dogs and network at the same time. Our last event was the professional interviews.

After a week and a half of rush events, we are excited about our Fall 2016 pledge class and we are excited to see what they can accomplish!



Balls For Balls

Each spring, all three professional business fraternities at Ohio University come together to host Balls for Balls, a meatball eating contest held to support testicular cancer research. Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Delta Sigma Pi held the event on Wednesday, April 8th, at The Pigskin in Athens, Ohio. Each business fraternity provided teams of four to participate in the contest, although it was not limited to only members of these organizations. These teams of four then competed in different heats of the meatball-eating contest until only one team was left. The meatballs got progressively spicier each round, but eventually a team from Phi Chi Theta called themselves the champions.

Balls for Balls is a favorite among active members of the fraternity. Megan Hupp, a junior studying marketing and MIS, says, “Balls for balls is so fun for members because it gives everyone a chance to not only get together with our friends and watch people shovel meatballs into their mouths, but we really are doing this for a good reason. It’s hard being able to find the time to be philanthropic while in college, but PCT makes it easy and more fun to do that through various events throughout the year.” Tucker Skove, a senior studying MIS, has participated in the event for the past four years. He loves participating in the event, saying, “It’s fun to do this event with the other two business fraternities on campus; it gives us a sense of community within the College of Business. Participating in the meatball eating contest is fun, and also sickening when thinking about the amount of meatballs we have to eat in a short period of time, but it’s a good break from schoolwork and the money we have to pay goes towards a good cause, so it’s a win-win.”

There are fewer than 20,000 cases of testicular cancer each year in the United States. While this is rare, it most often affects men between the ages of 20 and 34.  Every little thing counts when helping to find a cure for this disease, and the Zeta Lambda chapter of Phi Chi Theta at Ohio University will continue to host this event in order to raise money and awareness of this cancer.



Founder's Day 2015

Each February, the Zeta Lambda chapter of Phi Chi Theta welcomes our alumni back for many actives' favorite event, Founder's Day. The weekend begins with a long-awaited return to Athens for many alumni, who cannot wait to experience their favorite things they have missed about our little town. This year was a little different from most, though, because Mother Nature decided it would be a great time for a blizzard that would make it hard for many alumni to get here. Luckily, more than 30 alumni were able to come to enjoy this weekend with our chapter.

The day was filled with speakers ranging from members of our executive board, alumni, and our professional advisor. Dr. Gabe Giordano, our professional advisor, began the afternoon by welcoming all active members and alumni in attendance. He spoke of the importance of our alumni to our chapter, and how without them, many events and workshops we have throughout the year would not be possible. Next, Krista Kuhlman, our External Vice President, discussed a new program that will be implemented in the fall, our Alumni Executive Advisory Board. This program is intended specifically for Ohio University Phi Chi Theta alumni to mentor active members and give them professional tips and advice. Lunch was served after this, and following lunch, the keynote speaker for the afternoon, Jay Simmons, was introduced. Simmons spoke to attendees about his time in Phi Chi Theta, as well as his experience in the professional world. He gave great advice and lessons of what he has learned throughout his career, as well as reflected on his time at Ohio University. Next was the President's Address by current chapter President, Eric Novak, followed by a video about our alumni made by our Historian, Max Reichert. The closing remarks were made by our past Internal Vice President and current Treasurer, Julia DiSanto, who helped organize this event with help from current Internal Vice President, Amanda Wojta.

Thank you to all of the alumni who were able to take time out of your busy schedules to come back to Athens to celebrate Founder's Day with our chapter. We would not be where we are today without each of you. You all have made a tremendous impact on not only our chapter, but on all of us personally. We miss you already and can't wait to see you back next year for Founder's Day!

founders day4.jpeg



PCT: Join The Big Leagues

With the start of a new semester, Ohio University students brave the chilling weather, shake off the winter break blues and get back into their routines. Spring semester classes begin, club meetings resume, and students begin to take advantage of the countless opportunities the university has to offer. Over 100 students, coming from colleges across campus such as the College of Business and the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, took advantage of an incredible opportunity that has the chance to change their entire college career.

Home to three professional business fraternities, the College of Business hosted its semesterly Tri-Rush event to recruit young professionals to join these organizations. Recruitment lasts two weeks and includes information sessions hosted by all three fraternities as well as events hosted by each individual fraternity. 

We as Phi Chi Theta did our very best to inform rushees what we are all about. Our theme of "Join the Big Leagues" perfectly describes the members of organization. Active members in our chapter have had internships at Cardinal Health, KPMG and Walt Disney World to name a few. Our alumni have given us a huge network to take advantage of. Our professional events, such as resume workshops and mock interviews, help members to grow professionally while fostering relationships with each other. In addition to being the largest business fraternity on campus, we pride ourselves on being a family and a home away from home for our members. It is an amazing thing to have not only an organization full of young professionals working towards the same goals of having a career after college, but to have over 100 of your friends pushing and supporting you to be the best version of yourself.

After two weeks of recruiting, we have found 25 individuals who we feel exemplify the ideals of Phi Chi Theta. We are so excited to see what they can accomplish throughout the rest of the semester and can't wait to help them along the way! 


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Joining us for Founders Day 2015

See you all at The Ohio University Inn!

John Belickis

Kelsey Leaken

Abby Trentman 

Nate Hug

Brittany Fikter

Dan Laird

Stephen Wludyga

Samantha Geaney

Sarah Solarz

Christine Sindelar

Brynn Noe

Ben Schlater

Christine Sindelar

Jessica Ryan

Abby Schweickart

Rick Mckenney

Tyson Layman

Mark Laird


Carly Krusoe


Reagan Dillinger

Jake Columbro

Drew Sulick

Bryan Nare

Andres Castillo

Rachel Vitale

John Ryan

Jay Simmons

Max Henderson

Megan Gallagher

Mike Pacenta

Kate Cronin

Cy Moser

Rich Quevedo

Dana Householder


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New year, New Exec Board

This semester is already off to a great start with our newly inducted executive board!  Each of these members in Phi Chi Theta has gone above and beyond their roles in the fraternity and contributed their time, and their ideas to this chapter.  

With these new ideas and bright minds, we hope to see PCT surpass previous years' hard work, and do even more internally and outside of the organization.  With Tri-rush coming up soon Erik Novak, the new PCT president, and his executive team will be working together to make this semesters rush one to remember.  

Congrats Exec Team we are all excited for what's to come!


RSVP Founders Day 2015


RSVP Founders Day 2015

Join us for Founders Day!!

         February 21, 2015 at The Ohio University Inn

Whether you’re a Phi Gamma Nu or Phi Chi Theta alumnus it’s time to return to Athens to celebrate friends, tradition, and the CI for our Annual Founders Day Event!

Join us at the Ohio University Inn on February 21st, 2015 at 11:00 am for a formal lunch followed by a gathering at the CI for our Annual Founders Day Event!

Attire for the occasion is business professional. Beverages at The CI will be provided following lunch. 

RSVP in the comments section below, and see who else will be attending!



PCT, Always Sailing in the Right Direction

"The winds of opportunity blow on all of us, it's how we set our sail that makes a difference!"

Fall Semester 2013 began and our Ohio University students are back on the bricks! As the leaves began to change and class became the norm again, Phi Chi Theta diligently searched for the brightest bunch of students to join our business fraternity. With 120 people rushing PCT, the two week process was full of info sessions, networking, interviews and most of all excitement as we awaited our soon to be pledge class.

Drawing rushees into the culture of PCT, we did our absolute best to signify what we stand for. Sailing in the right direction was our theme this year to represent our consistent effort to grow professionally as well as personally each and every week. PCT is more than just a business fraternity, we are a family who truly believe in each others talents and support each others dreams. With our unexplainable network of alumni and a group of members pushing you to achieve your goals, most of us couldn't ask for a better environment to be engrossed in. To the right shows a picture of how our chapter lined the walls with our perfected resumes as well as decorated the railings with the "Job's We've Caught" hung on fishing nets.

"Let your dreams set sail!"

We couldn't have been more impressed with our turn out! After an efficient process of selecting the best, we inducted 27 individuals to pledge Phi Chi Theta this semester. With hopes of only the best, we are excited to see each and every one of them be challenged and enlightened during their pledging process.

Check it out!

Fall 2013 Rush PCT Video



Skate for the Schools

APRIL means it is that time of the year again that Phi Chi Theta hosts our annual ice skating social! Our chapter joins the kids of Athens schools circling the rink of Ohio University's Bird Arena. skating along the ice with Athens school kids!

Money collected from skate rentals went to the Athens City middle and elementary school arts and music programs. 



Spring Trip to Charlotte

Phi Chi Theta enjoyed an amazing trip to Charlotte for a Networking Conference. Arriving Thursday, we were greeted with a panel event where we were able to attend to discussion with Bobcat Alumni who are working in our field of interest. Following the helpful panel discussion, we enjoyed happy hour and dinner with networking and good conversation. Friday, we were each given the opportunity to shadow a company of our choice. This was a great chance to see a company from the inside out. Friday afternoon we were given a tour of Charlotte and the Stadium. The city is beautiful and a lot of us truly fell in love with it this weekend! Between the great connections we made and our experience downtown, its safe to say some of us will be pursuing employment in Charlotte.



Founders Day

Welcome back Alumni!

We felt whole again with our alumni back in town for the weekend. Trevor's final speech as president brought seniors and many members down memory lane as he spoke about the wonderful accomplishments over the past year as well as his memories since he joined our business fraternity.  Followed by alumni & former president, John Ryan's key note speech left our chapter members with motivated spirits and the drive to pursue the many tips he gave for success in college and for the real world.

We love you all!



You're not in yet (;

Welcome pledges!

Spring rush 2013 was beyond a success! With our largest turnout ever, we took 35 pledges under our wing. After getting acquainted with each other and picking their positions, they are fully submerged in their pledging period. We look forward to getting to know each and every one of them as we watch them grow into the little Phi Chi Theta Business Pros we know they can be!

Wishing each and every one of them the best of luck!

President: Logan
VP: Meg B
Secretary: Allie
Treasurer: Ryan
Historian: Jodie, Meg S, Perri, Ashley
PR: Jess, Jourdan
Social: Kenzi, Kenny, Sam, Dan, Alyson
Fundraising: Luke, Tony, Monica
Philanthropy: Jill, Kelly, Sheanda, Erin, Nate
Speaker: Connor
Pledge Project: Drew, Ethan, AJ, Mike
Initiation: Adam, Brendan, Joe
Sports: Tim, Ben, Zach



Phi Chi Transitions

to our new leaders of the fraternity.

Phi Chi Theta trasitioned to its new exec board and committee heads on Tuesday, Feb 12th! Saying goodbye to the seniors and sending them inactive was hard to do! We will definitely be missing them in chapter on Tuesdays. Our fraternity can't thank them enough, especially our old leaders who put their everything into this organization. Looking ahead, we have many plans in store for this next year and couldn't be more excited!

Our New Team:

President: Andres Castillo
IVP: Tucker Skove
EVP: Molly Laird
Secretary: Brie Weibel
Treasurer: Kelsey Leken
Pro D: Nate Hug
Pledge Mom: Jane Volden

Committee Heads:
Philanthropy:Megan Murray
Historian: Olivia Miller
C&PR: Megan Gallagher
Social:Carly Krusoe
Fundraising: Aj Eckhoff
Sports: Mike Rossi
IT: Sam Thompson
Alumni: Pat Wolff
Rush:Steve Saraniti

We love you SENIORS!



Phi Chi Theta Rush Spring 2013

Drafting the BEST

It’s 4th and 1 and you’re standing on the field, clock ticking, the pressure is on. Figuring out what to do… It’s a lot to handle.
But what if we told you your Phi Chi Theta family stands along the sideline cheering you on. The nerves ease because you remember the months and months of practicing and preparing. Your fan base has grown and they believe in you too. Possibilities that were once dreams are now within reach.
Want to be an MVP in the professional world?
Join Phi Chi Theta.
Team Phi Chi Theta
Phi Chi Theta is truly more than just a team or an organization. We are a family. It is our shared desire and passion to see each individual member grow and succeed that bonds us together. Joining Phi Chi Theta, you will surround yourself with ambitious, driven, and aspiring business professionals. We will provide you with the tools, understanding, and network to make ALL of your career ambitions a reality. For this family, however, we go beyond helping you land the perfect job out of college. To us, the journey matters just as much as the destination. Make it the best four years of your life. Join Team Phi Chi Theta.


“I have Phi Chi to thank for the confidence to do anything I put my passion towards. We are born leaders, best friends and motivated individuals eager to get out there and make a difference.” – Kaylee Cappello, alumni
“Phi Chi gave me access to alumni that I contacted in search of a job and internship opportunities.” – Sean O’Malley, alumni
“I can honestly say that without Phi Chi I would not have the opportunity to work for a big four accounting firm. Phi Chi provided me with the network to land the job. They gave me the tools and confidence to succeed.” – Steve Wludyga, alumni

1.      First Annual Business Week Champions!
2.      College of Business Organization of the Year, ’11-‘12
3.      All of our ’12 seniors had jobs secured right out of school or a graduate school acceptance.
4.      Raised $900 for Relay for Life
5.      Our Business Olympics networking event brought seven impressive companies.

Professional Development

X Dozens of formal and informal leadership opportunities
O Interview, Resume, and Etiquette Workshops
X Opportunities to network with real world professionals and companies

Community Involvement

X Make a difference through one of our many philanthropy events. 
O Interact with other organizations on campus through community service.
MVP: Most Valuable Rushee
Desire to succeed
Desire to learn
Team player
Hard worker
Desire to be involved
Desire to lead
Takes Initiative
Positive Attitude
Contact Us:
Find us on Facebook!
Spring Rush 2013 Release 1/23/13 by: Megan Hickok



Hello, Phi Chi Theta!

Same Family. New Home.
Our switch from Phi Gamma Nu to Phi Chi Theta!


Winners of the First Annual Business Week
Exciting changes are underway for one of the professional business fraternities inside the COB. You may know us as Phi Gamma Nu, but we are proud and thrilled to share that our family is taking on new letters and introducing the professional business fraternity Phi Chi Theta to Ohio University.

 The members from Phi Gamma Nu are ecstatic about this amazing opportunity. Overnight this organization is getting so much stronger,” said Trevor Skove, president of the colony of Phi Chi Theta.

 Phi Chi Theta has over 40 chapters nationally with a larger alumni base to network with, scholarships and awards for our members, career coaches and mentors, various networking events, national marketing support, and an 80-year track record of creating tomorrow’s leaders.

 During this transition, the COB and the university have been extremely supportive, according to Skove.

 “Without both of their support it would have been very difficult. It feels so good to know that the leaders of the College of Business really care about what is best for their students,” said Skove.

 As Phi Gamma Nu, we identified an opportunity we considered a positive change for the past, present, and future of our members. Our supportive family of alumni will be becoming charter members of Phi Chi Theta as we transition.

 “The past executive boards have worked very closely with us to reassure that we are making the right decision and have agreed that we are, with overwhelming support,” said Skove.

 We are not only thankful for the strong backing we have received during this time of change, but we also recognize how great of a relationship Phi Gamma Nu has had with so many.

 “The sky is the limit as this ambitious group of students makes this move to Phi Chi Theta. I think we will again have an amazing pledge class and that our members will maintain their current traditions and begin exciting new ones,” said Skove.

 As we begin the transition process, let it be known we are changing for the better.


The colony of Phi Chi Theta

Same family. New Home.
News Release Date 11/7/12 by: Megan Hickok