Same Family. New Home.
Our switch from Phi Gamma Nu to Phi Chi Theta!


Winners of the First Annual Business Week
Exciting changes are underway for one of the professional business fraternities inside the COB. You may know us as Phi Gamma Nu, but we are proud and thrilled to share that our family is taking on new letters and introducing the professional business fraternity Phi Chi Theta to Ohio University.

 The members from Phi Gamma Nu are ecstatic about this amazing opportunity. Overnight this organization is getting so much stronger,” said Trevor Skove, president of the colony of Phi Chi Theta.

 Phi Chi Theta has over 40 chapters nationally with a larger alumni base to network with, scholarships and awards for our members, career coaches and mentors, various networking events, national marketing support, and an 80-year track record of creating tomorrow’s leaders.

 During this transition, the COB and the university have been extremely supportive, according to Skove.

 “Without both of their support it would have been very difficult. It feels so good to know that the leaders of the College of Business really care about what is best for their students,” said Skove.

 As Phi Gamma Nu, we identified an opportunity we considered a positive change for the past, present, and future of our members. Our supportive family of alumni will be becoming charter members of Phi Chi Theta as we transition.

 “The past executive boards have worked very closely with us to reassure that we are making the right decision and have agreed that we are, with overwhelming support,” said Skove.

 We are not only thankful for the strong backing we have received during this time of change, but we also recognize how great of a relationship Phi Gamma Nu has had with so many.

 “The sky is the limit as this ambitious group of students makes this move to Phi Chi Theta. I think we will again have an amazing pledge class and that our members will maintain their current traditions and begin exciting new ones,” said Skove.

 As we begin the transition process, let it be known we are changing for the better.


The colony of Phi Chi Theta

Same family. New Home.
News Release Date 11/7/12 by: Megan Hickok