to our new leaders of the fraternity.

Phi Chi Theta trasitioned to its new exec board and committee heads on Tuesday, Feb 12th! Saying goodbye to the seniors and sending them inactive was hard to do! We will definitely be missing them in chapter on Tuesdays. Our fraternity can't thank them enough, especially our old leaders who put their everything into this organization. Looking ahead, we have many plans in store for this next year and couldn't be more excited!

Our New Team:

President: Andres Castillo
IVP: Tucker Skove
EVP: Molly Laird
Secretary: Brie Weibel
Treasurer: Kelsey Leken
Pro D: Nate Hug
Pledge Mom: Jane Volden

Committee Heads:
Philanthropy:Megan Murray
Historian: Olivia Miller
C&PR: Megan Gallagher
Social:Carly Krusoe
Fundraising: Aj Eckhoff
Sports: Mike Rossi
IT: Sam Thompson
Alumni: Pat Wolff
Rush:Steve Saraniti

We love you SENIORS!