"The winds of opportunity blow on all of us, it's how we set our sail that makes a difference!"

Fall Semester 2013 began and our Ohio University students are back on the bricks! As the leaves began to change and class became the norm again, Phi Chi Theta diligently searched for the brightest bunch of students to join our business fraternity. With 120 people rushing PCT, the two week process was full of info sessions, networking, interviews and most of all excitement as we awaited our soon to be pledge class.

Drawing rushees into the culture of PCT, we did our absolute best to signify what we stand for. Sailing in the right direction was our theme this year to represent our consistent effort to grow professionally as well as personally each and every week. PCT is more than just a business fraternity, we are a family who truly believe in each others talents and support each others dreams. With our unexplainable network of alumni and a group of members pushing you to achieve your goals, most of us couldn't ask for a better environment to be engrossed in. To the right shows a picture of how our chapter lined the walls with our perfected resumes as well as decorated the railings with the "Job's We've Caught" hung on fishing nets.

"Let your dreams set sail!"

We couldn't have been more impressed with our turn out! After an efficient process of selecting the best, we inducted 27 individuals to pledge Phi Chi Theta this semester. With hopes of only the best, we are excited to see each and every one of them be challenged and enlightened during their pledging process.

Check it out!

Fall 2013 Rush PCT Video