Each February, the Zeta Lambda chapter of Phi Chi Theta welcomes our alumni back for many actives' favorite event, Founder's Day. The weekend begins with a long-awaited return to Athens for many alumni, who cannot wait to experience their favorite things they have missed about our little town. This year was a little different from most, though, because Mother Nature decided it would be a great time for a blizzard that would make it hard for many alumni to get here. Luckily, more than 30 alumni were able to come to enjoy this weekend with our chapter.

The day was filled with speakers ranging from members of our executive board, alumni, and our professional advisor. Dr. Gabe Giordano, our professional advisor, began the afternoon by welcoming all active members and alumni in attendance. He spoke of the importance of our alumni to our chapter, and how without them, many events and workshops we have throughout the year would not be possible. Next, Krista Kuhlman, our External Vice President, discussed a new program that will be implemented in the fall, our Alumni Executive Advisory Board. This program is intended specifically for Ohio University Phi Chi Theta alumni to mentor active members and give them professional tips and advice. Lunch was served after this, and following lunch, the keynote speaker for the afternoon, Jay Simmons, was introduced. Simmons spoke to attendees about his time in Phi Chi Theta, as well as his experience in the professional world. He gave great advice and lessons of what he has learned throughout his career, as well as reflected on his time at Ohio University. Next was the President's Address by current chapter President, Eric Novak, followed by a video about our alumni made by our Historian, Max Reichert. The closing remarks were made by our past Internal Vice President and current Treasurer, Julia DiSanto, who helped organize this event with help from current Internal Vice President, Amanda Wojta.

Thank you to all of the alumni who were able to take time out of your busy schedules to come back to Athens to celebrate Founder's Day with our chapter. We would not be where we are today without each of you. You all have made a tremendous impact on not only our chapter, but on all of us personally. We miss you already and can't wait to see you back next year for Founder's Day!

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