Founder’s Day is always a great event that gets me excited for life and my career after college. This year, our wonderful Phi Chi Theta Alumni came for a new networking event and dinner on Friday, February 22nd, that was really helpful from a students perspective. We learned about each of their jobs and the struggles they have overcame in order to succeed. I loved hearing their stories about transitioning from Ohio University into the workforce and received great advice. The Alumni were open to any questions we asked and repeatedly stated “Phi Chi Theta isn’t over when you graduate”. It was reassuring to see that the Alumni still help each other overcome adversity, even if they live in different locations. I’m very grateful to be a part of an organization that is so genuine and is always willing to help others achieve success. Thank you to everyone who came it was truly a great experience that the students really care about. I can’t wait to network again next year! 

-Ally Paris, Sophomore College of Business at Ohio University